Chapbooks, Collections

Illustrated Poetry Chapbook Series – Download, pdf

  • Dada Dog by Larry Couch – “Quirky, surreal, entirely original poetry”
  • Truth & Lies by Lori Powell – “a post-modern Emily Dickinson…”
  • Spiders by Thomas Dorsett – “I am impressed by the exact eye the informs Dorsett’s poems.”
  • And others

Quality Trade Paperbacks – Download, pdf

  • Adam and Cain by Michael Graves – “This is a powerful book by a powerful poet.”
  • Grand Detour by J. Tarwood – A poetic Hemingway whose experiences make for a moving creative canvas.”
  • Journey to the South by Djura Papharhaji – The only English translation of the poems of the greatest modern Rusyn (Ruthenian) writer.
  • And others

International Collections – Download, pdf

  • FROM THE LOW COUNTRIES – Celebrating the wonderful, little known poets writing in Dutch, Flemish, Frisian, Luxemburgish and Walloon. One of a kind collection!
  • FROM “DOWN UNDER – Some of the best poetry from Australia and New Zealand.
  • WORLDS OF VISIONS – A unique volume dedicated to modern poets from less well known languages, for example: Armenian, Greek, Korean, Persian, Urdu, etc…
  • And More

Slavic Collections – Download, pdf

  • WHY THE DWARF HAD TO BE SHOT, by Sasha Skenderija – “powerful poetry translated from Bosnian by Prof. Wayles Brown” “This is a necessary book!”
  • BALKAN VISIONS – Great poets from Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, etc.
  • EASTERN VISIONS – Features fine modern poetry from Poland and Ukraine, as well as Belarus, The Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, etc.
  • And More

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  1. Steve Mathis said,

    March 13, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Looking to publish my book of poetry

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